Thursday, March 12, 2009


Just got back from a medical mission trip in Bantog Tarlac Philippines. And yet again it was another great succussful awesome trip. Ive been wanting to do some black and white fotos so here are some samples. I will post more later.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Answered Prayers

So the biggest goal I set for myself in the last post will soon be accomplished. Today I learned that my boss is allowing me to go the Philippines for the mission trip. With everything going on I had some serious doubt because all the factors weren't going my way. At work I am the only graphic designer meaning theres really no one who can do my job except for outside resources, I kinda dont have the funds, I kinda don't won't to go due to the heat... but all in all this is probably my best chance to do a mission trip and again God comes through BIG TIME. Without a question this would of not happened if it weren't for Him. I cannot stress enough how good He is. All I got to say is God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Since Barack (we are on a first name basis) addressed his goals for the US, I thought I would do the same. In doing so I hope that it will be more encouraging to actually finish these goals if I posted them on here.
_Continue to finish making my room into a "studio"
_Finish Larry's card and business card
_Email Tracy "Xie Xie"
_Make a online portfolio or website
_Make a photobook
_Pay this months loans
_Pay my loan shark (my brother)
_Travel to Washington and/or NYC and Philippines and Hong Kong for mission trip with Velasco's and co.
_Go figure skating I mean ice skating
_Buy a 35mm slr plus take a photography class
_Read Catch 22 and M.A.S.H. and Shane
_Run, bike and swim more (try to accomplish at least a half triathlon)
_Do the Mud Run or Muddy Buddy
_PAINT or go paintballing, hahahahahaha!!!
...lets hope I do all these by the end of the year.

Monday, February 16, 2009


This is the new Dream 7 poster. Just plain AWESOME! I cant believe Darren fought in a Dream event which was a great fight btw. Man, I miss PRIDE though.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Phinally some Philippine Phictures

Finally pictures* of my trip to Sagunto, Sison, Pangasinan, Philippines and Baguio. Its pretty crazy that I've got to visit my roots within a year time span. Even though I don't know what part of China I am from, I am very grateful to Tracy and Kathy for allowing me to travel with her and her family to her hometown of Harbin. Now my second time to visit the Philippines I have realized how fortunate and good we have it here in the states and should not take things for granted. Anyways here are some pictures.

1:This is my Uncle Willy's house where we stayed. Very NICE! 3:My very first authentic Filipino food dish, Arroz Caldo. MMM good. 4:Dan-Dan and Rowel aka Ifugao. 6:My uncle Willy's "Filipino H1 Hummer". 8:Micah and Kitorah. 9:Ezrah 10:Chinese Checkers or "Dama" 12:Kit-Kit 13:Kirah and Sheng-Sheng 18:Uncle Pelong 19:Dan-Dan 20:Basketball Jones 23:Angelo and Jangloy 25:Isaac,Sheng,Me and Axel 28:Dean 31:Stone Lion of Baguio 34:Jeepney 37:Uncle Pepe 39:Brothers Axel and Andre 42:Grandpa Johnny 41:Big Shrimp 43:Baguio with a tilt-shift feel to it
*Photoshop not used on any of the pictures therefore all natural and therefore some pictures are a little red. Oh I like busting caps, shooting kids, with a camera that is. Arsenal: Panasonic LX2 and Nikon D40.