Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Since Barack (we are on a first name basis) addressed his goals for the US, I thought I would do the same. In doing so I hope that it will be more encouraging to actually finish these goals if I posted them on here.
_Continue to finish making my room into a "studio"
_Finish Larry's card and business card
_Email Tracy "Xie Xie"
_Make a online portfolio or website
_Make a photobook
_Pay this months loans
_Pay my loan shark (my brother)
_Travel to Washington and/or NYC and Philippines and Hong Kong for mission trip with Velasco's and co.
_Go figure skating I mean ice skating
_Buy a 35mm slr plus take a photography class
_Read Catch 22 and M.A.S.H. and Shane
_Run, bike and swim more (try to accomplish at least a half triathlon)
_Do the Mud Run or Muddy Buddy
_PAINT or go paintballing, hahahahahaha!!!
...lets hope I do all these by the end of the year.

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