Monday, January 19, 2009

Phinally some Philippine Phictures

Finally pictures* of my trip to Sagunto, Sison, Pangasinan, Philippines and Baguio. Its pretty crazy that I've got to visit my roots within a year time span. Even though I don't know what part of China I am from, I am very grateful to Tracy and Kathy for allowing me to travel with her and her family to her hometown of Harbin. Now my second time to visit the Philippines I have realized how fortunate and good we have it here in the states and should not take things for granted. Anyways here are some pictures.

1:This is my Uncle Willy's house where we stayed. Very NICE! 3:My very first authentic Filipino food dish, Arroz Caldo. MMM good. 4:Dan-Dan and Rowel aka Ifugao. 6:My uncle Willy's "Filipino H1 Hummer". 8:Micah and Kitorah. 9:Ezrah 10:Chinese Checkers or "Dama" 12:Kit-Kit 13:Kirah and Sheng-Sheng 18:Uncle Pelong 19:Dan-Dan 20:Basketball Jones 23:Angelo and Jangloy 25:Isaac,Sheng,Me and Axel 28:Dean 31:Stone Lion of Baguio 34:Jeepney 37:Uncle Pepe 39:Brothers Axel and Andre 42:Grandpa Johnny 41:Big Shrimp 43:Baguio with a tilt-shift feel to it
*Photoshop not used on any of the pictures therefore all natural and therefore some pictures are a little red. Oh I like busting caps, shooting kids, with a camera that is. Arsenal: Panasonic LX2 and Nikon D40.

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hotbeefinjection said...

wow, you got some nice shots. #20 got me. I remember using something like this when we went back in '90.